Friday, October 5, 2012

Bump in the road

The last few weeks haven't been very good for me. On August 25th Chad and I took the kids to Lagoon (for those not from Utah, it's an amusement park). I was so excited because I was able to ride several rides that I hadn't been able to. I still won't ride the wooden roller coaster. A few years back I went with my sister and brother. We got on that ride and because I was so big, my butt wouldn't fit in the seat. I had to get off the ride and was very embarrassed. I could probably fit on it now, but just the thought of getting on that ride raises my anxiety enough to make me sick. Anyway, we spent a few hours there, riding the fast, jerky rides. The next couple of day's my neck hurt. That next Monday my back started hurting and by Wednesday, I could hardly move. It got bad enough that I finally went to the doctor. It still took me another week to finally be able to move without pain. I spent most of that time on the couch, eating junk. I didn't quit. The last six weeks I have packed back on 15 lbs. It amazes me how fast it comes back on. I also haven't been sleeping very well and that's not good for me. When I'm awake late at night, I graze. I finally called my doctor and got my sleep meds refilled so I can use them until my body gets used to sleeping again. On Monday I recommitted myself and have lost almost 3 lbs. I think part of it was I didn't have a goal in mind. Before, I had my high school reunion to inspire me to loose weight. That went great but after I kind of felt lost. I've now made a new goal. I had my surgery on February 15, 2006. My goal is to be at 170 lbs by February 15, 2013. That will be my 7 year anniversary. If I can do that I will have lost just over 225 lbs. I've dejunked my house and have decided that if my kids want treats, I'll buy a small one that will feed just them. Smith's grocery store has had Twinkies on sale for $1.88 the last couple of weeks and I've been buying them since it's cheaper than buying just a small package. Well, no more!!!

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  1. That's probably a good idea. I need to get on the ball too. Good luck!!!